Wound Counter Bases

Whilst browsing Warhammer stuff on reddit, I saw a post about bases with built in wound counters. I thought these were brilliant and can’t believe they are not more common. I did some research online, and looked into what you could get. It seemed that for me the best option was MDF, and just glue […]

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The New Cults

Due to the legions fall to Tzeentch, the new codex introduced a change (ha ha) in the structure of the legion. Instead of the five old cults, there are now nine (for Tzeentch). Each cult is led by a senior Magi, normally an Exalted Sorcerer or a Daemon Prince. Then under him are some lesser […]

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It’s a kind of Magic

When building my models I like to do a kind of “what you see is what you get” even for psychic powers. It helps to show what they do; gives them characters; and, most importantly, it’s fun! Now the new codex is out I thought I could do a quick update of certain powers and […]

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Magnus’ Plan!

My birthday is coming up next week and I am getting Magnus the Daemon Primarch! Now I have the torturous task of waiting until the day, so I decided to plan how I want to build him. He has a few changeable options, and none which affect him in game, so I can go wild! […]

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WW Battle 21 04 18 – Thousand Sons & Imperium Vs Ad Mech – 3k

Hello everyone! My friends and I had another battle this weekend and here is the write up! We played a 2v1 match of Thousand Sons & Imperium vs Ad Mech! 3,000 points each side. Thousand Sons Battalion Detachment (Thousand Sons) Daemon Prince of Tzeentch: Otherworldly Prescience, Dark Matter Crystal, Diabolic Strength, Malefic talon, Warlord, Warptime, […]

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