Thousand Sons Plan – Part 2 – Tzaang-ish?

With the drop of the new codex all eyes are on the new units. These mainly come in the more of the Tzaangors!

The get a nice arrange of things, some basic troops, some nice fast attack, melee and ranged, and a Shaman to keep them all in line. From looking at the rules and reading other people’s experiences they seem to be a good addition to a force which is great! I only have one issue… I dislike the bird models…

I don’t mind the sculpts, the models themselves are ‘nice’, but I don’t see them in my force. This leaves me with a conundrum, what am i going to use instead?

My first thought was use the Kairic Acolytes , they are nice models, and would fit well into the army. A great replacement for the basic Tzaangors. I had intended to use them as / kit-bash with Cultists anyway. My only issue is that there is a ‘bigger’ version that could be used to for the Enlightened or the Shaman. So I asked on Reddit for some suggestions.

One person came back and suggested using Rubrics and giving them some custom heavy weapons. I had found some Melee Weapons and they suggest a couple of Ranged Ones then I could replace the heads from Forgeworld, and maybe stick them on some discs or something. I could do a custom Sorcerer for the Shaman. I wasn’t 100% sold on this whole idea, but I could see how it would all look and fit together. I felt that they would get lost in everything else.

One other comment on my Reddit post suggest I use the Kurnoth Hunters, now that was an inspired spike of genius. They were a good size for the Enlightened and they came in both bow and two handed Scythe form! They were perfect. To add some some sweet icing onto this delicious cake I though about the basic Tzaangors, and of course, the Dryads fit perfectly for this. So I had my basic Tzaangors, and my Enlightened, and I could convert and use something for a Sorcerer easy enough. Most importantly of all I now had an excuse to collect Sylvaneth, who I have had my eye on to collect, but have no one to play AoS against…and also about 8,000 points of Dwarfs!

With the hard part out of the way I had a few new issues. What colour am I going to paint them, am I going to convert in any way, and what the hell can I use a Treelord as!

I think it is too big to be a Daemon Prince, plus I already had a plan for them.

Daemon Princes

My current thought is using the Treelord as a Changer of Ways, but I am still pondering.

Now to the colour scheme. Trying to fit into the colour and lore for the army I was seeing these as spirits more them trees. Some nice burning burn with some blending seems like quite a nice way of taking them. The above picture actually gives a nice thought into the colouring. Possibly like below, but more deep blue with yellows and oranges.



I am looking forward to attempting these and will post progress and I get some!




WW Battle 20 01 18 – World Eaters Vs Astra Milatrium & Ad Mech – 3k

My most recent battle was a 2v1 match. I was playing as my World Eaters against to forces of the Imperium. We decided to not use Lords of War for this battle. My friends decided to split their points and use 1500 each. We played one of the new Chapter approved missions where you only have 1 turn to get your objects. We canged it so each of us had 4 cards instead of 3 (they drew two per faction).

World Eaters Brigade – 12CP:

Daemon Prince – x2 Talons – Tailsman of Burning Blood – Warlord

Chaos Lord, x2 Exalted Champion – Power Fist and Combi Melta

20 Cultists – Melee, x2 – 10 Cultists – Melee

x3 – 9 Beserkers – Axe and Sword – with Rhinos

5 Terminators – Melta and Power Fist

x2 Hellbrute – Fist and Plasma, x1 Hellbrute – Power Scourge and Heavy Bolter

x3 – 3 Bikers – 2 squads of Flamer, 1 of Plasma

Predator – Lascannons

x2 Havocs – 1 Squad of Lascannons, 1 squad of Autocannons.


Imperium – 11CP:

Ad Mech (AM)

Cawl, Datasmith, Dominus, Enginseer

x2 2 Kastelan with guns

x2 Dunecrawlers – 1 with Icarus Array, 1 with Neutron Laser

Rangers, x3 Vanguard Squads Radium Carbine, some had plasma

2 Sydonian Dragoons


Tallarn (IG)

x2 Commissar

3 Heavy weapons – Lascannon, autocannon, missle

3 Leman Russ – Battle Cannon, lascannon, heavy bolters

Gryphonne Chimera

x3 10 Guardsmen – Vox, grenade launcher


Sentinel – Lascannon

3 Bullgryns – Maul and Shield

Command Squad

Special Weapons: Plasma


The Imperium had the Relic and Warlord traits to regain CP on a 5+.


Turn 1:


After some shocking rolls for Chaos for practically everything at the start, the Imperium got first turn which was a massive blow.

The Valkyrie flew forwards, dropped the Bullgyrns, who then moved forwards, within close range of some of my bikers. They charged in, took 1 wound from the flamers to overwatch before slaughtering them all and consolidating into the cultists, First Blood.

Lots of the IG open fired onto the Lascannon havocs in their cover in the corner, they managed to kill off all the ‘chaff’ and 1 lascannon. The Big guns opened up at my tanks reducing my Predator down to a single wound, and wound one of the Rhinos down to 5.

The other two squads of Bikers were also shot off the board. After their first turn I had no bikers left and two crippled tanks. My friend had some damn lucky rolls for his CP regains (regain 4 from 5 used), and also some lucky rolls from his battle cannon generating about 30 of 36 possible shots (lots of 5 and 6’s).

The dragoons charged down the middle ready for some glorious melee.

//Quick rant – Leman Russ tanks are stupidly powerful, I was expecting them to be slightly weaker and cheaper than a predator, but for 180 points (which can squad up in 3s for easy deployment), you get a tank that moves (slightly) without penalty (Tallarn), and can shoot its cannon twice, so 2d6 battle cannon (S8, -2, D3), plus a lascannon, and 2 heavy bolters, hitting on 4s, ouch. On top of that, it turns out that Leman Russ are T8, 12W with a 3+ Save. That compared to the Predator, that T8 makes a massive difference, turning most anti tank weapons onto a 4+ instead of a 3+, plus the additional weapons, and the fact that their lascannons are 5pts cheaper… // End Rant



My turn was mostly unproductive since I am a melee army, and my shooting was damaged. The Predator missed its shots since it was now hitting on 5s. The lascannon Havocs failed to do any damage also. The Rhinos moved forwards and popped smoke.

The cultists pulled back from the Bullgryns leaving room for my Hellbrute and auto-cannons to shoot them up, before he charged in a squashed them all. The other Hellbrute, charged into the side of the Dragoons with some cultists and took one them apart.

The daemon Prince flow forwards but didn’t risk going for the charge and being exposed.

Turn 2:


More of the Guard and Vanguard advanced up the middle of the map. The tanks advanced slightly but were still at the back… cowards. The Kastelan marched forth on the left.

Most of the firepower this turn was aimed at the Rhinos as they wanted to pop them open for the squishy Beserkers inside. They dumped the plasma troops from the Chimeara and managed to open up the damaged Rhino and killed most of the Beserkers; 2 remained.

They managed to kill a second Rhino but without any guns left to kill the troops.

The last of the lascannons Havocs were also killed. The dragoon fled from combat with the Hellbrute who was then shot down. I have not managed to pass many of the saves, even with a 3+.

The cards haven’t been good for the Imperium with them only generating a few points so far.


Finally Khorne’s eyes gaze upon me, I drew the melee kills card just as I was about to hit them. You also get bonus points vs Imperium, jackpot! I also had to leave my deployment, which was easy.

The Daemon Prince senses the enemy warlord who is cowering behind a crate, he flies over the top for a vertical charge. The combat was interrupted so he got to attack first, but I had little fear of the Commissars power sword vs a Daemon Prince of Khorne, there was little left of the small man in the end. Slay the Warlord. He consolidated into the close by Leman Russ.

The Autocannon Havocs moved up into the cover and held objective 6. The left hand Hellbrute moved into the center of the field, and along with the Predator managed to destroy one of the Leman Russ clearing the center of the field for some move points.

The Beserkers piled from their Rhinos, but managed to fail their 6″ around the corner charge vs the Kastelans, even with the reroll… This was a game changer. Their Rhino rode forward to charge the other Kastelans to absorb the overwatch for the other Beserkers. They charged forwards into them and some Vanguards, slaughtering everything! Finally the blood was flowing.

The 2 Beserkers charged some troops on the right, butchered them and then consolidated into the Leman Russ. Their Exalted Champion charged into the Injured Dragoon and smashed it before consolidating into the Chimera. The Hellbrute moved forward to support.

The Terminators found a gap at the back of the deployment and came down. Their Meltas did minimum damage, a roll of a 2 and a 1 on the Dunecrawler. They then failed their rerolled charge.

I think I earned about 6 points this turn.


Turn 3:


The unscathed Kastelan edged forward and complete annihilated the Beserkers who failed their charge, its all they deserved. The tanks destroyed the remaining Rhino, and cut down the Beserkers on the left.

The Tanks fled their melee combat. The 2 Beserkers on the right were shot, as was their Exalted Champion. The Hellbrute in the center was shot with most of the central firepower.

Shots were fired at the Terminators, with too many 1s rolled even vs the AP0 weapons.

All that was spared was first at the Daemon Prince, he weathered the storm and forced them to charge into melee with him. The Datasmith did some damage but the Prince was still fighting, he cut down some of the troops around him to minmise the rest of the attacks. The guards fell well, but the Vanguard dice were not in favour with on 1 dying. He managed to survive with the grace of the Dark Gods.


The forces of Khorne were looking scarce now. The cultists and Hellbrute on the right moved forwards and charge the Chimera but were unable to destroy it. The Havocs and Cultists moved out of sight to try and prelong the game from being a wipeout. The Daemon Prince cut down his surrounding chaff, but he was in the open with minimal support.

Turn 4


Seeing my tactics, the Imperium moved forwards and cut down the last of the back troops. The Terminators, Daemon Prince, Cultists, and Hellbrute were destroyed. Some guard tried to kill the Havocs but they were too few with their AP0 weapons.

The Valkyrie tried to kill the cultists but was unsuccessful.

A few more points for objectives were earned this turn.


The turn was swift, with the cards being unkind. The Havocs killed a few guardsmen.


Turn 5

I got my friend to roll for the end of the game since he had be rolling so well. The game ended here thankfully.


The Final Scores:

Imperium: 13 – First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker

Khorne: 13 – Slay the Warlord

Victory for the Imperium

It was a very close game in points, but it would have a been a hollow victory since I was basically tabled, and they still had a very large force remaining.


Some of the main parts of the game for me were the fact I missed the first turn, even with the bonus.

Some shoddy rolls throughout. Some failed charges, even with rerolls, and making very few of my saves.

Lack of anti armour. After the Predator, and Havocs died, I had a few Terminators and some melee Hellbrutes. The Hellbrutes did well, but it was just too easy for the enemy to fallback and everything else to kill you.

My army was a little too big even though we had a lot of scenery. Everything couldn’t be hidden, which left it open to be killed on turn 1. Better use of the scenery for deployment may have been better.


Thanks for reading,


New Thousand Sons Codex!

I, like many, was super excited when they annouced the standalone codex for the Thousand Sons, but along with all the wild and exciting things that my mind came up with, I had my doubts about what would occur.

As more of the information was revealed that some of the additions were the existing Tzeentch Daemons my heart sank a little. I don’t mind the combination of daemons and marines, but I plan to create mine as as pure and unaltered legion. With the introduction of the daemons the likelyhood of new marines units deminished, and it turns out I was correct, no properly new units. My biggest fear was that they would just shoehorn in some daemons to fill up the book.

The Thousand Sons have such a rich background and story with so many possibilities for units. Back before the Heresy they had different schools of psykers, one of the possibilities for new stuff could have been a nod in this direction. They new codex does have a great selection of powers, but some do overlap. They could have made one or two powers focused from each schools. It would have added nicely, but maybe it would be over complicated.

Another unit they could have introduced is the dreadnought. Forgeworld has such a beautiful model, and it would have not been hard to add it in. Another unit could have been some melee versions of the rubrics like the occult blade cabal.

A few little editions to go alongside the beautiful models released before would have been amazing, they only have 5 boxes for them without the dsemons. However we can’t always get what we want.

Now onto the what is actually in the codex!

As mentioned, there were some Tzeentch Daemons, more specifically the Tzaangors that were released for Age of Sigmar, added to the codex. I feared they would just been added and no real synergy or point for them, but they designers seemed to do a good job of making them work.

The daemons have their own psychic powers and some nice buffs and strategems between themselves. The keywords spread quite well with most things getting tzeentch and thousand sons , and suprisingly, the Tzaangors get heretic astartes, the oddballs are the pure daemons which just get the tzeentch. Due to the spread of keywords the psychic powers and auras can be used widely.

The new units help expand the lacking fast attack slot, and the troops help with some cheap troops which can hold their own.

Mutalith Vortex beast. This thing sounds quite cool, and the model is nice enough. I was going to complain that it had no synergy across the board,  but reading it again I see that everything has tzeentch so therefore it works on everything, but obviously it works best for some than others. Pick one or roll for 2 powers, and there is a strategem for getting another. 1 mortal wounds for all enemies within 9″, +1S,reroll charges or fight first, +1 to ap, -1 to leadership (meh), or up to 3 mortal wounds on the closest thing. Some great buffs for when you need them, and it is quite sturdy.

My issue currently is that I don’t like the bird aspect,  but I want to use the new troops! I will have to come up with some cool conversion ideas to bring them into the fold.

For the marines in the codex the Rubrics got a nice boost. They got a slight points drops which will be useful, and most importantly, their sorcerer is now able to cast powers which opens up a whole new range of things.

One possibility is using the new strategem to drop a big squad with warp flamers in close, use warp time to inch them forwards, and then drop a big blob of hits. Use Veterans of the Long War for extra brownie points.

Rubrics have a 3+, a 5++, and have the all is dust rule making them very sturdy. They have a 2++ against basic weaponry D1. So you need to spend the extra damage and Ap weapons to take down even the basic troops. As well as this, their basic bolters have a nice AP which is great for taking down all those pesky marines,  problem is it is a bit overkill for the weaker troops.

The new psychic powers from the dicipline of change sound fun,

Tzeentch Firestorm is statistically identical to Infernal Gaze (Dark herericus) but with possibility for more, for a plus 2 charge…

The boon of mutation is the same as the strategem without the kill required, some of the options are actally quite cool.

Glamour of Tzeentch -1 to hit, sweet, stick on the rubric sorcerer for a unit that won’t die.

Doombolt, charge 9, d3 wound, and half movement, sounds good vs a melee army, but hard to get off.

Temporal Manipulation,  charge 6, heal d3 wounds. I can see this is great to cast on a daemon prince, or daemon engine.

Weaver of fates, charge 6, +1 invul, or gives them a 5+, sounds pretty amazing to make your army very durable.



Half the relics are great, half are rubbish. A few melee weapons, not great when you don’t want to be there, leave that for the daemons.

A relics to gain Cp when your opponent uses them, nice.

Immune to deny on a double, great vs other psyker army.

My favourite is the crystal which gives you one mid game deep strike,  great for shenanigans.



All the basic chaos space marines ones are here, most importantly Veterans of the long war (woo).

4 dice to summon daemons, not sure if you can bring in a Lord of change?

D3 mortal wounds close to your vehicle on a 4+, situational, but maybe useful if you charge in the rhino.

Deep strike! Excellent, 1cp for 1 unit, or 3 cp for 2.

1cp for 1 mortal wound on a roll when your champion dies, meh.

A spawn strategem to make them more reliable for rerolls on attacks generation and picking the mutation.

Make and spawn from your characters, may be nice if one is about to die.

Vortex beast extra ability,  nice.

Extra Tzaangors attacks,  2 cp, may be good on a strong unit.

Draw a 9″line and on a roll they take d3 mortal wounds, may be ok if there are alot of units, but 3 cp is a steep price.

+2 to psychic test if within 6″ of two other psykers, may not be too hard to pull off, and bonus is nice.


Warlord traits!

Reroll failed deny attempts, could be ok in the right situation.

Reduce all damage taken by 1, nice! Stick on your daemon prince.

Advance, charge, with rerolls, again your daemon prince since he is the only one you want in melee.

1 additional power. Magnus has this for a total of 4 plus smite.

Invul save plus 1, max 3+, sweet as for an army with lots of invul. Ahriman has this.

Add 1 to all psychic tests, very nice.

There are all pretty great, and they all seem to work nicely on a daemon prince.


I haven’t started reading the lore yet, but the rules seem to be quite solid, I am not sure if anything is over powered, but they seem like a good durable and psyker heavy army now.

Time to build them up!

Thanks for reading,


Tactics: Beserkers!

I was going into a rant about Beserkers in my World Eaters post, so I decided to move them into their own post.

I had a lot of these chaps from 7th, and now they are a force to be reckoned with. Being troops for World Eaters, +1 Attack on charge, Death the False Emperor (DTTFE) (my friends play Ad Mech and Imperium), and charge rerolls from their icon.

Put these guys with a Lord (reroll 1s to hit), Dark Apostle (reroll all failed hits), or an Exalted Champion (reroll all failed wounds), and along with Veterans of the long war (VOTLW) stratagem, they can be terrifying.

I like to run mine in squads of 9 in a Rhino, ideally two squads (one with a Lord, and with an Exalted Champion) for those sweet sweet rerolls. I prefer the lord of the Dark Apostle due to his better gear. I equip the HQs with powerfists (as their 2+ to hit offsets the -1 to hit) and either with a Combi Plasma or Melta. This gives the squad that extra punch vs vehicles and tougher targets.

I equip the Beserkers with Chainswords and Chainaxes, as I find the chainswords with DTTFE and S5 is better than the Pistols shooting. Also, shooting before charging is a bad idea as it can potentially make the charge harder. I also swap the Champion’s chain axe for a powerfist.


Potentially this means that they are putting out per squad (of 9):

9 Chainsword attacks. (S5, AP0)

16 Chain Axe attacks (24 with a charge) (S6, AP-1)

3 Power fist attacks (4 with Charge) (S10, AP-3 Dd3)

This potentially generates 6 additional attacks with DTTFE (more with rerolls).

Speaking of rerolls!

Hitting on 3s – rerolling 1s or all.

Wounding most things on 3+ with full rerolls, and against those tough targets, pop VOTLW gives you +1.

This give: T5 and below – 2s. T6 – 3s. T7 and up – 4s. All with rerolls! (Chain axes)

I feel like I am missing something… Oh!

Beserkers get to attack twice now! So all that is done twice per turn… savage.



Having a unit that can so effectively rip and tear is great, but if they don’t get there, they aren’t alot of use.

Firstly, stick them in a transport. I prefer Rhino as they are cheap, fast, and can pop smoke. Ride them forward, stick to cover, and pop smoke on the first turn. You can get pretty close with their movement.

Turn two, jump out, use the 3″ disembark to get a bit closer to the target, then move your 6″ so you can see the whites of their eyes. Drive the Rhino around the side, and charge this into combat first to soak up the over watch!

Your Beserkers should be able to make a good length charge due to their reroll from the icon. If you get a 6 and a 1, use a CP to reroll the 1 to maximum efficiency.

General tip for charging: if you charge them around a corner they cannot over watch since they cannot see you.


The Betrayer!

Kharn, Kharn, Kharn. A Beserker on super steroids. There is no denying that he could carve his way through the masses. But I find that he has a few issues that cause him to not be quite worth it.

He is a little expensive, coming in about 60 pts more that a Lord with a combi weapon and a power fist.

Also, I find that Kharn just does a better job at what the Beserkers do, and the powerfist gives that oomph to take out the tough targets.

I however haven’t tried him since he got his fancy new warlord trait, which with a single tick would push him into S7 tier which make him a bit better vs those vehicles. But he has to kill those special targets first.

The last, and probably the biggest issue is his special abilities. His reroll aura, although it does all misses, is only 1″ so if he isn’t next to them it doesn’t work. This then ties into his problem with killing friendlies. He is statistically going to kill 1 per fight phase (2 a turn), which can be painful. You can wait and activate him after both Beserker phases, but the losses are still bad.


The Alpha Legion??

Although the initial thought is Beserkers and World Eaters, using a squad of them can be pretty useful in an Alpha Legion detachment. Alpha legion have a deployment strategem which is better great. It let’s you deploy them 9″ away from the enemy at the start of your turn, this means they can move, and close that 9″ to 3″ for a guaranteed charge  (unless you roll double 1 twice). Another great thing about this is that you are not limited to a 9 or 10 man unit, so you can go the full hog and throw a unit of 20! Which is a bit of overkill really…

Alas, there are a few downsides. Firstly, they count as elites instead of troops, not the worst, but filling those troop slots helps to fill up that Cp. Speaking of Cp, it will cost you 1 to put them in reserves. Also, you don’t get those rerolls as the lord or champion are seperate, so it’s an extra cp. You can however run a terminator lord who drops down next to them.



Although these guys are very powerful, I generally find that you will charge a unit, wipe it from existence, and then have a nice squad sat in the middle of your opponents army. They are now terrified of this squad and drop everything on it, this is good in some sense since they are focusing on them, but they are a shame to lose.

One way to get around this is to time all your charges for the same turn. This reduces the amount of units that are free to fire, and also gives lots of threats to focus on.

Another technique is to consolidate into another unit after you destroy the first one. You may not be able to attack, but you tie up a shooty unit, and if they don’t fall back, you cannot be shot. As a note, don’t do this to a dedicated melee unit as they will just slaughter them all.



There was originally some confusion about the ordering and things. If the Beserkers charge they get to attack with both sets of attacks first. If the opponent uses ‘Counter Offensive’ they can go between the attacks.

They are seperate fight phases, so everything applies as normal.

Also, you can only attack units you charged so you can’t charge a unit, wipe it, consolidate into another unit, and then attack again (they can attack you however).


I hope you found this helpful. If you have any of your own tips or tricks, please let me know!

Thanks for reading.


WW Battle 17 11 17 – World Eaters Vs Grey Knights Vs Ad Mech – 2k each

My latest battle was a triple threat match! We played 2,000 points each in the ‘Deadlock’ mission. This is where as each turn goes on you get less objective cards, and from turn 3 stratagems cost double. We each decided to bring a LoW!

World Eaters (WE):

Daemon Prince with Wings, Daemon Sword, and relic for advance and Charging.

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour – Power fist, Melta, Anti Psyker Relic.

Exalted Champion – Plasma, Powerfist.

5 Terminators – Melta, Powerfists

Predator – Quad lascannon

12 Cultists

2 Squads (9 & 10) of Beserkers with Chain Axes and Chainswords, champion has a powerfist and chain sword.

and Kytan Ravager!


Grey Knights (GK):

Shadowsword – 2 Lascannon & Twin Heavy Bolter

Grand Master Voldus – Gate of Infinity, Purge Soul, Sanctuary

2 Strike Squads

2 Apothecaries

Paladin Ancient

2 Paladin Squads

Stormraven Gunship – 2x Stormstrike Missile Launcher, Twin Lascannon, Twin multi-melta


Ad Mech (AM):

Knight Crusader – Avenger gatling cannon, Thermal cannon

Forge World: Mars

Belisarius Cawl

Tech-Priest Enginseer

Skitarii Rangers

9 Skitarii Vanguard

5 Skitarii Vanguards – 2x Vanguard (Plasma caliver)

5 Sicarian Infiltrators – Stubcarbine & Power sword

Forge World: Stygies VIII

Tech-Priest Dominus

3 Kastelan Robot: Incendine Combustor, Kastelan Fists

Onager Dunecrawler – Icarus Array

Onager Dunecrawler – Neutron Laser


The Game!

We rolled for areas of deployment, 2 in the corners and one in the middle on the opposite side, I was in the middle.

The main aim for my and AM deployments was to stay out of line of sight of the Shadowsword with the Knight and Kytan as it could melt them in a single turn, especially since GK was going first.


GK Turn 1!

The Strike squads moved forward towards some of the side objectives, the Storm Raven with of Voldus,  an apothecary and some Paladins inside, flew up the middle. The Shadowsword moved forward to get eyes on the Knight! The other paladins stayed in reserve.

The Stormraven took some shots at the Icarus Array but failed to do any major damage. The Shadowsword sponsors took some shots at my tanks and did some minor damage, the Volcano cannon opened hell upon the Knight, but with a quick stratagem bringing his invulnerable save to 4++ the Knight managed to only take about half wounds. That gun is brutal as it has 3d3 shots at S16, and does 2d6 damage per shot vs titanic! Possible 9 shots doing up 12 damage each…

Unlucky draw for GK cards, scoring no points.


WE Turn 1!

Having a few nice objective cards,  including getting out of my spawn, I advanced my army forward as any good follower of Khorne should do! One rhino full of Zerkers toward each opponent, popping smoke, and moving Kytan forwards but behind a building in preparation for getting close to either the Knight or the big tank. The cultists moved to claim an objective, and my Daemon Prince moved and advanced ready for any charge on the Stormraven! He was the only other unit with fly on the board.

Not alot of shooting to go around. Kytan knocked a couple of wounds from the Stormraven,  as did the predator, to weaken it down a bit. It was taken down to half all ready for the Daemon Prince to smash it out of the sky and drop his warlord and Paladins in the middle. Not great for my prince though being so close to GK… First blood to Khorne!



Ad Mech Turn 1!

The troops opened up with a load of shots and plasma at my Rhino and took it down to a single wound,  which was only saved by a re roll! The Beserkers stay safe! All eyes were on the Shadowsword seeking vengeance for the damage to their Knight! The Onager and Knight opened fire and chipped off a few more wounds, it had around 19 left now. Some of the troops moved forwards.


Using his stratagem (used during deployment), the punchy bots appeared behind the Shadowsword and they moved nice and close ready for the charge.

The Kastellan made their charge and took a little bit of damage from over watch. They bulldozed into the tank and took it down to a single wound. The tank retaliated and crushed a robot under its iron treads. Remembering his canticle, AM rolled for a mortal wound in melee, and a 6 was rolled! The final wound taken from the Shadowsword reducing it to a smoking husk. (The canticle ordering may have been incorrect, but the loss of his robot made up for his forgetfulness).



Grey Knights Turn 2!

The Strike squads moved up the side some more. One of them them shot into the ruins to kill off most of the Cultists. A squad of Paladins dropped behind AM lines seeking revenge, reinforced by the ancient who used Gate of Infinity.

Voldus and his retinue focused down the daemon prince with some psychic shots. Voldus and his Paladins tried to get out of the way of Kytan by charging the Cultists, the Paladins made the charge but Voldus failed, leaving him in the open.



World Eaters Turn 2!

The Beserkers on the right disembarked and charged the Strike squad, losing two to the flamer! They then butchered the unit. The Terminators dropped in front of the Knight with the Lord and melted it down to slag. They then charged Voldus’ Apothecary and pulverized him.

Kytan charged into Voldus but even with 15 S10 attacks, only 1 got through his 3+ (Sanctuary) invulnerable save, dealing 3 damage, he then hit back and did a whooping 9 damage!


The Predator got a clean volley on an Onager with the Neutron Laser and destroyed it in one go! This cleared some space for the Beserkers on that side to charge into Cawl and the second Onager; he is a tough nut, so he went down to 2 wounds, with a few also on the Onager.



Ad Mech Turn 2!

Cawl and the Onager withdrew from the Beserkers,  and healed a few wounds. The Infiltrators dropped behind the Beserkers and shot a few down, but due to this the charge was too far. The Kastellan advanced and charged the Beserkers on the other side, killing a few but were cut down by the furious chain axes!

The Rhino was finished off and the Paladins were shot down. He rolled off to see who would fight first in melee,  and the Grey Knights won… Voldus struck and took Kytan down to a single wound, Kytan raised his mighty axe high and sliced him in half. Slay the Warlord.



Grey Knights Turn 3!

Numbers were looking a little thin for these guys. The Paladins went around the corner and smite Kytan off his last wound, a great loss. They then charged the Terminators, and killed 1, the Terminators retaliated and slew one also.


The remaining strike squad shot and killed the few remaining Beserkers, then charged the Exalted champion taking him to 1 wound. He struck back and took few down. The remaining Paladins over near the Ad Mech charged and killed some infantry.



World Eaters Turn 3!

The Beserkers moved around close to the cowardly Onager, which was annihilated by the Predator, his aim was true today. This cleared up a nice space to charge into Cawl! No escape! Cawl was slain. The Exalted Champion killed a few more Grey Knights before dying, and the Terminators continued their dual with the Paladins.


Ad Mech Turn 3!

The remaining shots went towards the Grey Knights to try and aim for a character kill, but their armour was too thick. The last few Beserkers were slain.



At the end of turn 3 we called it since we ran out of time. Bodies were scattered across the battlefield, and the few remaining limped away. Khorne was pleased with the bloodshed and his favour was clear throughout as my dice rolls were something to behold.

World Eaters – 9

Ad Mech – 7

Grey Knights – 4

Grey Knight drew some poor objectives compared to me and Ad Mech, but what clenched it in the end was the bonus points from first blood, and slaying both warlords.


Very long game, but lots of fun. Playing 1v1v1 can be difficult and is time consuming. Next time we plan to do a 2v1 game.

Thanks for reading!


The First Son

I finished the first member of my Thousand Sons force! The Sorcerer for a squad of Rubric marines.

As mentioned in my previous post I wanted to give my models a uniqueness to them in the form of them casting certain powers.

Since this is my first model it isn’t the most complicated of conversions since I am trying to get the colour scheme down and work on some new techniques. This Sorcerer is from the Raptora Cult, and is casting a ‘Kinetic Shield’ to protect himself and allies from harm.

The scheme I used is mostly the same as the one Duncan uses in the Warhammer tv videos .


Kine Shield

Before creating this effect I do a quick search to find out if other people had done similar stuff. To my joy they had! There was one Tau shield which was particularly amazing.

kine_shield_2 kine_shield_1

With my new found inspiration, I raided my bits box and searched the shops for things that I could use.

I originally attempted to create the shield using a plastic sphere, but when trying to cut it down to size, it cracked and shattered and did not give the uniform effect I was after.

In the end I used an old base from flyers (like the Eldar Grav tank one).

drone_base A bigger version of these.

I glued a small transparent cylinder to the end of his hand with a magnet on the end of it. I then glued another magnet to the middle part of the transparent base. I also scored a ring in the middle to give it a kind of ripple effect.

I was happy with how this technique came out as it kind of distorted the model as you look through it.

I tried to pose his robes so they were fluttering away from where he was casting.

In the future I would like to add some more ‘glowing effects’ around the hand and the eyes to showcase the power that he is radiating off.



For the base I broke off some small bits of cork and super glued them down. I then sprayed it black, and dry brushed it with ‘Eshin Grey’.  I then painted the base blue (enchanted blue or what ever it is now) and made sure to go slightly onto the edges of the cork area. Then I went over the base with a thinned down light blue (Ice Blue), and painted some of this higher up on the cork to give a kind of glowing effect coming from the ground.

After this gave it a thin coat of PVA glue as that apparently helps the crackle paint stick. Next I add the crackle paint! The stuff I have dries transparent, and the thicker you put it on the bigger the cracks. I had done a few tests with this and decided not to make it too thick. I had some shards from these tests which I pressed into the drying crackle paint to give it some variation.

After the crackle paint had dried, I gave it a light dry brush of white to really pick out all the detail.


Stay tuned for more progress!




Thousand Sons Plan – Part 1 – Sorcerers

I know you are thinking “Well the Thousand Sons is obviously going to have Sorcerers Jordan, get your shit together”, but I wanted to make mine stand out a little more than a bunch of straight out of the box models.

I have my Khorne army which is quite generic with a few conversions here and there, so I wanted to try and make my Thousand Sons quite unique due to them have a small number count.

I am not a very good Tzeentch player, as I am not particularly fond of the whole bird thing, so the Sorcerers I do create will mostly marine in shape…

Well that doesn’t leave a lot of room for exciting conversions… or does it?

Before the Horus Heresy the Thousand Sons sorcerers were broken down in five main ‘cults’ each with a specialisation. The plan is to create sorcerers from each cult which represent their unique abilities.

The five cults are:

Corvidae – Precognition (The psychic power ‘Prescience’ fits nicely here).

Pyrae – Pyrokineisis, the ability to generate and control fire. It also include the ability to control Automata.

Pavoni – Ability to manipulate body chemistry – Able to generate lightning, boil blood, healing, among other things.

Athanaeans – Telepaths –  They are able to read thoughts and transmit their own.

Raptora – Telekines – They are able to throw objects, ripping parts off enemies, create ‘Kine’ shields.


As you can see from the abilities, some of these are easier to manifest physically than others. But I create a quick list of possible ideas:


  • Dodging a bullet/ missile/ shell?


  • Flame thrower from hand
  • Conjuring Fireball
  • Wings of Flame
  • Flame Vortex


  • Holding up a space marine who is bleeding from his limbs?
  • Bio Lightning – pink, blue, red, green?


  • Glowing Eyes, holding hand to head (Professor X Style)
  • Decoy, illusions


  • Ripping something in two in front of him
  • Generating a Kine Shield
  • Throwing masonry


This now opens up a whole new world of conversions!

You can see that the Forgeworld model of Magnus the Red is throwing some masonry.


At this point I have actually painted and finished a Rubric squad Sorcerer from the Raptora cult (they are generating a kine shield, I will write a post about him soon).


These are the ideas, and I will go into them in detail as I get around to creating them.

Thanks for reading!


Warhammer Weekend Battle 3 – Alpha Legion vs Emperor’s Children

For my third and final battle I decided to change it up and run a ranged army. I was running Alpha Legion, and my opponent ran Emperor’s Children.

The mission we played was a deterioration type of mission, where as the game progressed it became harder. You started with 6 objects, and you lose a maximum amount you can hold with each turn. so by turn 3 you could only hold 4 objectives, and had to discard extras if you had too many. Also after after turn 3 all Stratagems cost double in points. It was interesting to play, but we forgot about Stratagems most of the time except for rerolls.

My Alpha legion consisted of:

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch with Malefic Talons, and Weaver of fates, I am Alpharius, and I rolled for +1A. Sorcerer (Warptime, Prescience). Chaos Lord, Dark Apostle, 3 squads of Cultists, 2 squads of 10 Havocs (4 Lascannon in one, 4 Autocannon in the other), 1 Predator (Autocannon and Lascannon sponsors), 3 Hellbrute with missile launcher and Plasma.

The Emperors Children were:

Two Chaos Lords, 2 squads of 5 Chosen with plasma, 2 squads of Noise marines, two Rhinos, two Hellforged Scorpius (Whirlwinds), and a squad of cultists.

I managed to seize the first turn which was very useful as I had put two units in Alpha Legion concealment (Cultists and Lascannon Havocs). The cultists start 9″ from one of the Scorpius, and moved up ready for a charge to hold it up.

The cultists moved forwards to take some objectives. The Predator and the Lascannon Havocs shot everything at the Scorpius, but even with 6 Lascannons and the Pred autcannon, it took only 6 wounds… Khorne was punishing me for not following the way of blood.

The Hellbrutes blew mighty chunks from one of the Rhinos and brought it down to 1 wound. The autocannon Havocs clipped some noise marines and killed 2. The cultists charged the Scorpius and 1 got eaten, letting it regain a wound… tasty.

The Emperor’s Children turn 1. The plamsa Chosen abandoned their Rhino and fled to the ruins like cowardly dogs, the Noise marines ran into the center building, the other noise marines moved on the right and blew the minds of my cultists with their heavy death music. The Scorpius took a shot at my autocannon Havocs and killed a few of a sacrifices.

Alpha Legion! The cultists fell back from the Scorpius ready for another round of lascannon fire which finally brought the machine down! The combined Cultists shot and killed the nearby cultists in the trees and claimed the objective. The predator moved forward in search of bigger game. The Daemon Prince advanced and charge around the corner at the Noise marines who hadn’t quite made it into the building, wetting his talons with blood. The Hellbrutes did some shooting, but even with the help from the Sorcerer and Lord, were not very productive.

The Emperors Childrens Chosen jumped from their Rhino and moved on the Daemon Prince, after a full set of overcharged plasma, and the Lord and Chosen charging into combat, the mighty prince was felled, due to I am Alpharius, no warlord kill was given. The Rhino rushed towards my Cultists marker for his objective, but new they would need to be killed before he could take. The Scorpius rained down fire from above, but the Cultists stood their ground. Some shooting from the other units wounded one Hellbrute and killed a few more Havocs.

The Hellbrutes, tired of their shooting, advanced on the enemy. All the Lascannons, and Cultists combined manged to just kill the Chosen, lining up his warlord for the full brutal power of the Predator! But the useless pile of junk did nothing… The Hellbrute on the right charged into his Noisemarines, but did nothing in combat and manged to lose 4 wounds!

The Emperor Children Lord, not one to shy from a fight, charged the closest Hellbrute for a bout of fisty cuffs. Neither side caused major damage. The Scorpius fired a second volley onto the poor Cultists, turning them to mush, and claiming the objective for the Rhino. His forces running thin, there was not much shooting to do. The noisemarines managed to further wound the Hellbrute, who squished one in return, dying to the Krak grenade thrown in his death throes.

Sneakier than his foe, the Alpha legion Hellbrute withdrew from the combat with the Lord so the full fire of the Legion could be brough the bear on his adversary, turning him to dust, and earning Slay the Warlord and D3 objective points. The Lord, though not equipped for the job, charged to avenge the Hellbrute, supported by another Hellbrute. He did not fair much better and went down to a single wound…

The Emperor’s Children, seeing defeat upon them, withdrew from the Lord and dropped a big pile of Scorpius rockets onto his head, blowing him to smithereens. After this the game was finished.

Alpha Legion – 13, Emperors Children – 8.

This was an interesting game, but not as fun as playing as Khorne. My shooting rolls were abysmal, Khorne was displeased with my turn, and I didn’t know what to do with my Daemon Prince since the rest of the army was sat at the back. The Legion trait was very helpful, claiming the lives of a few Plasma guys, and helping against the Scorpius shots. The Hellbrutes were very disappointing, at both shooting and in melee. I will have to rethink the strategy before using them again.


Warhammer Weekend Battle 2 – World Eaters vs Tyranids

The second battle over the weekend was vs Tyranids!

Similar to last game with 1500 points, except we played a mission where you drew an objective card for each objective point you control at the start of your turn.

My list was the same as vs the orks.

Tyranids had:

Hive Tyrant, with Tyrant guard (ones that take the damage on a 2+)

Trygon, Toxicrene, Exocrene (some artillery monster), 3 Zoanthropes, 3 Warriors, Brood lord , about 10 genestealers,  some Termagants, and Hormagaunts.

My first turn was uneventful, I pushed forwards and stayed out of view of his shooty guy, and popped smoke, one Rhino on the left, and two on the right with the Daemon Prince. Tyranids then advanced forwards to meet me.

My Rhino charged his Toxicrene which obviously didn’t do too much except hold it up. The Terminators and Lord saw the opportunity and dropped behind his Hive Tyrant and opened with some over charged plasma, losing 1, but nearly killing all the guard and wounding the warlord, a worthy sacrifice.

The Genestealers charged my Rhino but their tiny claws couldn’t puncture the thick blood soaked armour. The Trygon appeared behind my Daemon Prince with a squad of Termagants. The Hive Tyrant advanced on my Terminators, and the Zoanthropes, Exocrene and anything with a gun shot there gloopy posion shots, leaving the Lord and 1 remaining, they charged, and with an interrupt the Lord smashed the last guard and injured the Tyrant a little. The Toxicrene popped the Rhino with his shooting to get to the tasty Beserkers inside. The Termagants then shot the Beserkers killing a few. The Trygon failed his charge, and the Toxicrene ate some Beserkers, it was like watching some bad anime with all the tentacles…

World Eaters turn 3! The three remaining Beserkers charged the Brood Lord but died from a interrupted session . The Beserkers jumped out of the Genestealers ridden Rhino and ran around for the charge, wiping them out. They consolidated into the Brood lord and killed him with the second phase, we asked about the rules but i am still not sure if this was correct. The Beserkers on the left jumped out of the Rhino and hit the Termagants and Trygon from behind. Their Rhino charged the artillery and tied it up. The Daemon Prince charged the Trygon and slaughtered it in one turn, adding his first notch on his Slaughterborn belt, the Beserkers turned the Termagants into a red mist.

The Hive Tyrant cleaned up the Lord after reading the correct bone sword stats (monstrous instead of normal), the Toxicrene killed a few Beserkers. The Hormagaunts advanced on them but their tiny claws were no match for the gore covered armour.

The Daemon Prince came through and diced up the Toxicrene, a second notch. The Beserkers cleaned up the Hormagaunts, and the other Beserkers advanced and killed the warriors.

The Tyranids avenged the warriors by disintegrating the Beserkers, but were trailing on points. They killed the Rhino finally, and shot the Daemon Prince down to 1 wound.

The Daemon Prince made a surprise charge (around the corner) to avoid over watch and mutilated the Exocrene, he was on a 3 stacked Slaughter born trait now.

The hive tyrants and Zoanthropes killed him off, and that’s where the game ended.

Victory for Khorne. I held a few objectives while pinning him in his deployment. One or two more turns would have tabled me. Fun game, and I learnt lots of about Tyranids.




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